Sarah Oldfield

Sarah Oldfield

MRSS (Member of the professional Register of the Shiatsu Society), Dip.Shiatsu and Oriental Therapies, Registered with the Shiatsu Society UK

Sarah qualified as a Shiatsu Massage Therapist in Sydney, Australia in 2007. Her interest in Eastern energetic and spiritual practises started in her late teens with Chi Gong, T’ai Chi and Buddhist meditation. Sarah has trained with teachers in the UK, Australia and America and has experience of working with a wide range of people and health issues both in private practice and community settings.

‘I love shiatsu because it meets people where they are in their wholeness. Physical, emotional, energetic and spiritual planes are all accessible depending on the person’s needs. It is also the most relaxing and comforting experience of body work that I have ever had.’

Sarah’s approach is warm, wholehearted and caring. She takes time to really listen to a person and bases her treatment on that as well as intuition and insight built up from her training and years of experience.  

Sarah teaches Acupressure for Common Ailments and Shiatsu for Beginners courses and a healing martial art called Pancha Tanmantra. 

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