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To Prepare

Make sure that you arrive a few minutes before your treatment. Don’t come to your appointment with an empty stomach or after a large meal. Ideally eat something light a couple of hours beforehand. It is also recommended that you wear little or no make-up.

After Your Treatment

Drink plenty of water. Massage stimulates your circulation and metabolism, and extra water supports your organs in dealing with this. Take it easy and try not to do much. If you feel tired, rest or sleep if you can. If the massage makes you feel energetic, stop yourself from doing the spring cleaning or leaping about! Try to use your energy for your body’s healing, and focus on any altered sensations. This might be warmth or soreness in tight areas, or a feeling of ease where you felt pain before. In rare cases symptoms may be exacerbated for a short period of time. If pain and symptoms have disappeared, observe whether they stay that way or if a particular activity, movement or habit sets them off again.

Have reasonable expectations: One session of bodywork will not change your life, though hopefully you will enjoy it. Most symptoms will have taken years or even decades to develop, and improvement doesn’t always come overnight. Use massage as a supportive tool to improve your quality of life, whether on its own or in conjunction with other treatments, activities or exercises.

Drink Plenty of Water