Lauren Beighton 

SCMT dip . MTI Registered

I qualified as a Holistic Massage Therapist – Diploma level 4 over 7 years ago from the Sheffield Centre for Massage training. What brought me to massage was a deep feeling of wanting to help individuals find more balance and ease within their bodies.

I thoroughly enjoy seeing people feel more relaxed within their mind and body. I believe that what happens within the mind, such as external stresses and previous traumas can cause the body to hold tension alongside what we are also doing physically in life.

This belief led me to taking a course in Trauma informed Massage Therapy, for which I hold a certificate. I have great interest in mental health, overall wellbeing and self-care.  This has led me to attending many workshops and courses. Such as, Mindful Self Compassion –Teacher; Shad Woolgrove – Course developer’s, Christopher Germer & Kristen Neff. I also hold a Level 2 Certificate in Counselling Skills.

I lead a physically active lifestyle and one of my main hobbies is weight training. I even had ago at Strongman training during 2018 – 2021. This further deepened my own understanding of how massage is key for me in my recovery and relieving tension that is built in the body from repetitively putting my muscles under stress. I see it as a way to say thank you to my body for all the hard work it’s putting in at the gym.  I have also worked in an office seated for many years and came across the same issues many of my clients have such as lower back pain, neck pain and problems with the arms.

I am a Holistic Massage Therapist that is client centred. What I hold is a toolbox of varied skills, therapeutic, deep tissue, stretches and passive joint mobilisations. I use a combination of skills within each massage which can be applied from head to toe.

When attending a massage with me it will start with a conversation where I gain an understanding of you as an individual and how you use your body. Where you’re holding tension, stress levels and what outcome you would like from the massage. From this information I use the varied knowledge and tools I hold to hopefully achieve your desired outcome.