About Us

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide you with the unique experience of a client-centered massage, tailored to your person and to what you bring on the day. Our aim is to give you room to get in touch with yourself and promote your body’s self-healing ability, whether you have come for a relaxation or remedial massage.

Client-centredness at the heart of the treatment

We do NOT do massage by numbers or sequence: every treatment will be individually tailored, and different every time, depending on what you bring on the day. If you have ever wondered if massage can be a way of looking after yourself and your body, you can be rest assured that each and every one of our highly trained therapists will look after you in a safe and comfortable setting. Due to some confusion that unfortunately still reigns about massage, we have to stress that our service is strictly non-sexual. On the contrary, professional massage gives you the opportunity to experience touch in a mindful, non-judgmental manner, free of any connotations. We believe that every body deserves – if not needs ! – a massage.

Why the orange in our logo?

It very much represents the zest for life, the willingness to look after ourselves, to accept not only the smooth parts but also the “bits” that make out our uniqueness (the juicy bits!).

Massage is for people who want to be good to themselves – or who want to learn to be good to themselves – who are curious about what is happening in their bodies. This can be purely on a physical level, but can also be used to explore how thoughts and emotions are leaving their imprint.

Taking off the outer layers and putting yourself bare in somebody else’s hands can be quite empowering. Who are you without your outer armour? What if you discover that it is just you, and that this is alright and absolutely sufficient?

The orange is also a good image to explain the different layers of fascia in the body. Next time you peel an orange, take a look at the white pith, the white sticky stuff underneath the peel which tends to get stuck under your fingernails (or inbetween your teeth….)! There are similarities between pith in plants and fascia in humans.

Pith has a storage and transport function for nutrients within plants. One of the vital functions of fascia is its role supplying vital nutrients and helping to remove metabolic waste products (by means of the vascular system and lymphatic system).

The pith directly under the peel correlates to the superficial fascia under the skin. After you’ve peeled the entire orange, the fuzzy white pith keeps every individual segment together and also keeps the entire fruit whole. The deeper fascia acts in a similar way, differentiating each muscle group by its function, but also connecting the structures to each other. Fascia also wraps around the smallest of segments, just as it wraps around every single muscle fibre. So you can see how tension in the fascia can impede blood and lymphatic flow, and can generally cause restrictions which might be felt quite remotely.

And last but not least, there is a lot of Vitamin C in oranges. For us, it stands for Compassion.