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We are taking bookings again for massage treatments. We are slowly starting up again but the way we work will be slightly different from what you are used to. With your and our safety in mind our therapists will be wearing the appropriate PPE and adhering to Government and Industry guidelines. We would like to ask you to wear a mask when entering the building. Please follow the directions from your therapist. We want everybody to be as safe as possible!
Our NEW online booking system is now up and running so to book your appointment please click on the 'Bookings' tab and off you go . . .

Many thanks, and stay safe!

Reduce Pain

Pain does not have to be a constant companion. Massage, manual therapy and exercise is a powerful combination to help reduce pain. We deal with acute and chronic pain, and give aftercare and exercise advice to help with managing painful conditions. Call us or book a free initial consultation to establish which treatment is best for you.

Reduce Pain

Improve your Posture

Most people agree that their posture could do with some improvement, but don’t know where to start. Our treatments make it easier for you to find your ideal posture, so that you do not have to work against yourself. Call us or book a free initial consultation to establish which treatment is best for you.

Improve your posture

The Pleasure of Relaxation

In today’s fast-moving world, relaxation seems a luxury. It actually is vitally important for body and mind to slow down and let go.
Re-discover the art of relaxation. Call us or book a free initial consultation to establish which treatment is best for you.

Time to Relax

What Our Clients Say

What Our Clients Say About Eva ”I was working in a stressful job that involved a lot of time sitting at a desk and using a computer.  The job was exciting and interesting and it wasn’t until I had retired that I noticed that my shoulder movements were limited and my wife commented I was developing a stoup.  I thought this was partly due to old age, but I had been involved with massage thirty years ago and thought massage treatment may help or at least prevent any further deterioration.  I didn’t have any reservations about working with Eva, especially after having had a recommendation from a friend.  Eva did an excellent job, not only has there been no deterioration, but a considerable amount of improvement.  I particularly like her style of massage, professional but individual and well tailored to my needs.  After working with Eva I now realise that regular massage is a very effective way of remaining healthy” RS Read More What our clients say about Lucy "It was interesting to find the Alexander Technique was not just about correct posture - but encompassed the way we think.  Lucy's approach was professional and explained clearly and precisely, without the use of complicated jargon." Janet  Read More What Our Clients Say About  Eva Weltermann “Fantastic, healing, informative, restorative, encouraging, balancing!  I would have recurrent headaches, maybe lasting 3 days every 1-2 weeks. This was linked to muscle tightness in my upper back and into my neck, likely as a result of stress at work and historical climbing muscle fatigue. I was hoping that Eva would follow her own style and become in tune with my aches and pains as well as the flow of how the difficulties potentially linked together.Eva massaged me before I realised I was expecting my first baby and then continued right through the pregnancy, and now again after the baby. It has been a journey to feel how my body and mind have changed and she subtly reminds me to pace myself!I also hope to try the scar tissue release, after the unplanned caesarean section I had at my daughter’s birth. This will be another step in helping to heal the physical and emotional body through holistic massage.As a result there is a definite decrease in headaches and a close second – time for myself!” Joanne Read More What our clients say about Eva I've seen Eva for massage a number of times and have been extremely impressed, she's extremely knowledgeable and experienced and the results have been fantastic. I first visited whilst recovering from a severe back problem and was reassured by the approach and quickly developed trust that Eva would make things better rather than worse. I found the treatments extremely helpful and effective.  - Rob Read More What out clients say about Lucy "I feel present.  Nice to feel here, not racing ahead.  I have a more measured, calm approach to my husband and work.  I'm less reactive and am learning to look after myself and choose my responses."  Emma  Read More What our clients say about Lucy "I had an accident a few years ago, and after you wiggled my head, I could walk evenly for the first time in years.  It felt weird and really good.  I'm making friends with my body."  Zoe J Read More What Our Clients Say About Eva "My wrist is completely better now (touch wood.) I felt that I did feel the benefits of the MLD you gave me especially when you moved to working more closely with the area around my cervical spine. I wanted to thank you for your support and time in helping me find solutions to the problem." JG(Massage and lymph drainage, together with expertise from physiotherapist Lesley Dyke, worked for this client) Read More What our clients say about Therapy Room Sheffield I'd highly recommend Therapy Room Sheffield, lots of places do massage, but the therapists at Therapy Room Sheffield are really experienced and knowledgeable and I totally trust them. Whether it's for a relaxing and de-stressing massage, or to help rehabilitate from an injury, I've found everyone I've seen to be effective and reassuring. I wouldn't go anywhere else, I think it makes a huge difference seeing someone who really knows what they're doing and the therapists at Therapy Room Sheffield have that knowledge and skill.  - Rob Read More What our clients say about Marilla I've seen Marilla for massage and Feldenkrais 1:1 movement work, she's a brilliant masseur, really knowledgeable and experienced and I've found her treatments really effective for both de-stressing and rehabilitating injury. I've found the Feldenkrais 1:1 sessions both fascinating and really useful and am also attending the group classes which Marilla is now running. I've done yoga for a number of years, but find the Feldenkrais approach really refreshing, I'm learning loads about my body and the way I move and noticing real and positive changes in the way I move and the way my body feels. Both the massage and the Feldenkrais have been really helpful in my recovery from quite a severe back problem, and I think the Feldenkrais will help me ensure I don't end up with the same problem in future. - Rob Read More What our clients say about Karen 'I used to severely suffer from back, shoulder and neck pain leaving me bed bound on the worst days. Since I have been regularly massaged by Karen it has alleviated my symptoms, improved my flexibility, helped me relax and kept the flare ups at bay. I would not consider going to anyone else now as at each session she is so in tune with what treatment my body needs, I always come away feeling refreshed, energised and pain-free.' SG Read More What Our Clients Say About Eva "I had suffered for many months from severe muscular pains, especially in my right shoulder, which was almost totally frozen; I also had pain in my neck and back. I started a programme of treatment with Eva Weltermann. Eva worked with remarkable thoroughness on my problems by deep massage and manipulation which was more successful than any other treatment I had in finding the sources of my problems and tracing through their pathways. Moreover she supplemented their effect by a number of home exercises which were very beneficial.I am now pain-free and am pleased to recommend Eva’s work with enthusiasm." Peter, Barnsley Read More What Our Clients Say About Kasia “I have been receiving regular massage treatment from the Therapy Room having broken my ankle 6 months ago. From the beginning, Kasia has played a key role in my recovery. Whilst working on my fractured ankle, she has also ensured that my good leg has not suffered from over-compensating. This has helped me to keep balanced and back to enjoying running and cycling as soon as possible. In my busy life, the Therapy Room has provided crucial time-out for body as well as mind.” Leo Read More What Our Clients Say About Eva “Just wanted to let you know that I have been practically pain-free since my massage last week. Thank you so much”. BH Read More What Our Clients Say About Eva "I don’t know whether it’s because of the work you did on my back yesterday but I had the best nights sleep for a long time last night. I know we discussed effects of massage in class but it is quite a coincidence. I actually feel pretty good today – my back AND my brain. :-)" TM(came with subacute lower back pain which had lasted about 4 weeks. Doctor prescribed painkillers. Work on trigger points in gluteus medius and piriformis, along with self-massage advice, set her on the path to recovery) Read More What our clients say about Lucy "It was particularly interesting to see how simple tasks can be easier and less harmful - and how small changes can change profoundly how movement looks and feels!"  Mary Read More