Online Booking

We like to make things easy for you, so here’s the option to book online. By booking online you are agreeing to our cancellation policy which can be found in our Terms & Conditions.

You can also go to the right-hand side bar, where you find the next available appointments. Click on a time slot if one of the suggested ones suits you, or on “more” to get taken to the booking system where you will have a wider choice. If you already know which Therapist you would like to book with then you could also click on their link at the bottom of this page. If you need help, please click on the Help button in the top right of the booking screen, and also read the explanation below. Or call us, of course!

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Gift Vouchers

You can also order your vouchers through our online booking system. To do this go to the booking link at the top of this page and select ‘gift voucher’ from the ‘Type of treatment’ drop down menu. You will then have different options. It doesn’t matter what day or time you choose in the diary as this is just a means of getting you to our payment page. Once you have paid for your voucher we will prepare one for you and send it to the address you have given us in the ‘booking form’. If you want us to send it somewhere else, or have other instructions, like a personal message which you would like on the voucher, then please give us those details in the ‘notes’ section of the booking form. But of course you don’t have to do it this way, you can always call us to buy your voucher on 07749224262.

Need more help with our booking system?

*Once you have opened the booking system you can click on the “Next” button to navigate through the diary week by week. If you click on any green square that says “Appointment Available” you will see what space is available that day – or you can click on a therapist’s name to see all the space available for that therapist that week, or click on the day to see all available slots for that day. Once you have opened the diary on a particular day you can then click on “Book Appointment” to select the type and length of treatment you would like. You will then be shown all the available appointment times in green e.g. 9:00am, 9:15am, 9:30am etc. Click on the time you would like to book for and follow on screen instructions. We ask you to pay the full price for your treatment upfront. Several of our customers have asked us for this feature and we are trialing this at the moment, so please let us know what you think. When navigating the booking system you may wonder about the numbers in brackets e.g. (75) or (105). These refer to the number of minutes. We allow a 15 minute gap between appointments (or for Ayurvedic massage treatments 30 to 45min breaks) so the system shows the treatment length and break length together, eg (75) for a 60 minute appointment. Therefore there needs to be at least 75 minutes available for you to book a 60 minute appointment, and so on. It’s all much simpler than it sounds! Try it and see, and if you cannot find a suitable slot for a long treatment, try to enter a shorter one. In case of doubt, simply give us a call on 07749224262.