Shirodhara treatment

Known as the king of Ayurvedic treatments, Shirodhara is a healing therapy that transports you to a place of calm. During the treatment warm oil flows in a continuous stream over the forehead. The warm oil induces a deep state of relaxation soothing the central nervous system & bringing a sense of clarity to the mind.  It can help those suffering from headaches, stress, anxiety, tension and insomnia. After the treatment it is advised that you sit and have a complimentary drink in our waiting area before rushing away. We have a selection of herbal teas to choose from.


If you wish to take your oil home please bring a 1 litre container, this oil can be used at home on your body or your hair as part of your daily routine.  The oil used is organic sesame oil.


Contra indications include: Pregnancy, rash or sunburn on the forehead or scalp.  Brain/neck swellings or tumours.  Colds/cough/flu, high fever.  If unsure please contact us.

£60 for 60 minutes