Shiatsu (temporarily unavailable)

SHIATSU originates in Japan, and is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine. SHIATSU means “Pressure with the fingers”. In addition to working with specific acupressure points all over the body, it includes a variety of techniques to free joints and release trigger points. Through the acupressure points, SHIATSU has a direct effect on the nervous system. It aims at providing maximum wellbeing, both to the physical body and emotional state. SHIATSU is a holistic approach, and Anna will work out with you what individual approach to follow in order to promote your body’s innate abilities to heal and balance itself.

Shiatsu applies not only pressures with palms and thumbs but also has a variety of manipulations of the body and through this you can release pain and tension on muscles, joints, and pelvis, especially while suffering during pregnancy. Have a look at Anna’s video

SHIATSU is applied fully clothed on a futon mat on the floor, a massage couch or a specifically designed massage chair.

We recommend Shiatsu for conditions such as:
musculo-skeletal pains/stiffness




General weakness


Respirator issues

Issues with the gastrointestinal system

Imbalances of the nervous system


Fertility or menstruation issues

Psychosomatic disorders




£35 for 30 minutes

£50 for 60 minutes

£73 for 90 minutes