Pinda Sweda

Ayurvedic Massage

Pinda Sweda is a full body treatment using heated herbal bags, known as potalis. These are filled with the warming therapeutic herbs ajwain and ginger.

A combination of traditional Ayurvedic massage strokes, using lots of warm organic sesame oil and a pummelling technique using the potali’s, form the basis for this treatment.  This is a strong vigorous massage aiming to stimulate, rejuvenate, strengthen and nourish the body.  This treatment is great for tired muscles and stiff joints; inducing relaxation and improving circulation.  The heat from the herbs penetrates the muscles helping to reduce stiffness and break up any accumulated impurities that have localised in the tissues, the friction and heat increases the flow of fluids through the blood & lymph vessels, opening important channels of circulation and elimination.

The potali’s also act as a skin exfoliator removing the old skin cells and stimulating fresh energy to the skin surface improving tone.

This is a great treatment for Kapha constitutions.

Contra indications: Severe inflammation; Pregnancy

Price: £73 for 90 minutes

Package Deals available