Is your body’s MOT due yet?

sleeping cat
sleeping cat

In a fast paced world where stress and anxiety are increasingly affecting us, Therapeutic massage offers a way for the body and mind to relax. It does not just offer relaxation, but can also help reduce pain, tension and muscle soreness. It improves the circulation, giving you more energy. It lowers the heart rate and helps with high blood pressure. Therapeutic massage also benefits the immune system. 

Regular therapeutic massage gives you all the above benefits and helps to keep you in top shape. It has been likened to an “MOT for the body”, but you won’t get a certificate at the end! Other people use therapeutic massage to go on a “mini-holiday”. In current times, this is probably the easiest way as the Therapy Room is not yet on the amber list.

Jokes aside, it is good for you and has no unwanted side effects.

What’s not to like?

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