Marma Point Back Massage

This treatment works on the back, shoulders and arms using organic sesame oil or a blended ayurvedic oil.  The muscles and marma points in these areas are massaged and stimulated at varying degrees having a therapeutic effect both locally and distally.  Marma point massage works on balancing energy, can reduce pain, calm the mind, reduce stress, detoxify and also stimulate or rejuvenate.

Marma points are vital or sensitive points where it is thought highly concentrated prana or vital energy, flows, these can sometimes get blocked.  Marma points are part of the nervous system and can either pacify or stimulate a dosha, they have a wide range of functions impacting the body and mind.  In ancient Indian times martial art schools used marma or energy points for therapeutic purposes to aid recovery.


60 minutes for £50

90 minutes for £73