Faye O’Donoghue



My interest in massage comes as part of a lifelong fascination and exploration into the art and science of healing. I believe that the body has an innate impulse to return to a state of wellness and that there is much we can do to encourage it in this direction. As a practitioner, it is my intention to help clients both through periods of dis-ease as well as providing them with the tools to support themselves to remain well. 

A qualified Massage Therapist (L4) (MTI) and Medical Herbalist (BSc) (NIMH), I have much experience in supporting people on their healing journey toward balance in body, mind and spirit – acknowledging the three as deeply entwined. At the Therapy Room, myself and the client may also do some work with herbal medicines – alongside massage – if this is something you are interested in. 

Massage can be an excellent way to reconnect with our bodies. It can help us to retrain our nervous systems to remember how to relax, pulling us out of our often over-expressed ‘fight or flight mode’ back into ‘rest and digest’. The effects are both instant (hands up if you’ve ever fallen asleep during a massage??) and long lasting – it is quite normal to see client stress and tension scores descend when they choose to prioritise massage as a part of their regular self-care routine. 

Massage is also invaluable for various conditions, in particular, pain. In what has been referred to as ‘a silent endemic’, chronic pain can range from slightly irritating to completely devastating, and due to its invisible nature can be a lonely burden to bare. It is my great pleasure to work with clients in this area, helping them to feel lighter in themselves, making day to day life more pleasurable. 

So, whatever your background, whoever you may be – whether it be to schedule in some all-important ‘you’ time and find a place of deep relaxation, or you’re interested in working out some problem areas – be it knotty shoulders, tense calves or shooting pain – let’s get to it!


  • Deep Tissue massage
  • Therapeutic massage

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