Anna Galanaki

IMG_3018FHT reg., DS (Dip Shiatsu), NSS (Northern School of Shiatsu), ESS (European School of Shiatsu), OMSTC (Oriental Medicine Shiatsu Training Certificate), NHS (Academy of Natural and alternative Sciences)

My name is Anna Galanaki and I was born and raised in Greece.

For many years I worked in the Fashion Industry, making sure that people would look as close to perfection as possible. Although I had the opportunity to make them look beautiful it was only about their appearance. My internal need to help people not only look better but also feel better was unfulfilled. As this need was growing bigger and bigger, my decision to turn to Holistic Therapies was an easy one to make. I had finally found purpose in my life.

My first Diplomas had to do with Holistic Massage and Facial, Aroma and Hot Stones Therapies.

This initation to the Holistic approach of the Being was the first motive for me to start researching the Ancient Greek Medicine.

The Elements, the Laws of Nature, the power of Emotions, the power of Herbs, they were all there! What a different approach from the Western Medicine that we are used to! I realised then that the knowledge of Western Sciences of Anatomy, Pathology and Physiology were only the additional tools to work with.

From Ancient Greek Medicine to the Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shiatsu was the most natural next step to make and the most fascinating of all other Therapies to choose.

Practising Shiatsu means that you keep on observing, searching and studying until you find the way to treat the cause of the disease and not the symptom. The Art of Healing!

After having my first Shiatsu Diploma in Athens, which was followed by other bodywork techniques like Sotai, and as my School is a branch of the European Shiatsu School of London, I decided to have my second Diploma here in the UK. The Northern School of Shiatsu based in Sheffield gave me that opportunity. Many CPD Certificates with expert Teachers from all over the world  followed.

The Aim is always the same: Helping people!

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