Alexander Technique

The Alexander Technique has many therapeutic values but is not a treatment, it needs you to be engaged, aware and awake. It has many benefits to how you sit, stand and move but is not posture training. It may well re-balance and calm your nervous system but it is not relaxation training. So what is it? Simply a series of thoughts to put you back in charge of what goes on in your coordination and movement patterns. We are not doing this directly – no sitting up straight, no shoulders back and down as you might expect. Here we are working indirectly – choosing thoughts which encourage the natural, healthy alignment of the spine, the free movement in all the joints, and the most efficient use of tension and tone in your muscles, according to whatever activity you are doing. We learn to trust our body’s natural wisdom to sort out the details, whilst we feed it the thoughts which encourage and promote this overall coordination.

Intrigued? Come and find out what the Alexander Technique really is, what it can do for you and how you can learn to use it with immediate affect. People find it helps them become more aware, improves balance and breathing, and puts you back in charge of your thoughts, movements and coordination.


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