Eddie Carballo


SCMT Dip. I first became interested in alternative therapies as an adolescent when trying to relieve the symptoms of various childhood conditions. This interest stayed with me as I studied biochemistry at Lancaster University and whilst working as a lady’s and children’s shoe fitter for a high end retailer. My early career was focused on fashion and hospitality, assisting people with looking great and having a good time. I eventually came to realise this wasn’t enough for me and I needed to help people ‘feel’ great, so I took the plunge to train as an holistic massage therapist at the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training. I qualified in 2011 and have been practicing ever since, bringing a sense of wellbeing to my clients and myself that was never possible before. I have developed my skills over the years adding hot stones massage as a treatment and have also incorporated hands free techniques and passive joint mobilisation. For me, holistic massage is about treating the whole person; mind, body and spirit, choosing the right techniques and delivering them in a relaxing and therapeutic manner. I have had success in helping clients with stress, anxiety, back pain, sciatic pain, arthritic pain and many other conditions. I’ve worked with amateur athletes and bodybuilders, those who work in sedentary roles and those who are more active. I always offer advice after a session on how to maintain your feeling of wellbeing and relaxation so the effects of the massage stay with you as long as possible. Skills Holistic therapeutic massage Deep Tissue massage Hot stones massage Book an appointment with Eddie

What our clients say about Marilla

Marilla is a genius. Very skilled practitioner with a wide range of skills, including Feldenkrais and lymph drainage. I have some major disk issues in my neck and a job that’s not good for them, and thanks to Marilla they have significantly improved over the last couple of years and I haven’t had a single day off because of them in that time. Given my previous experience, this is way better than I had expected.