Re-opening 12th April and ‘Key Workers Fund’ package


We thought we’d bring you some good news and let you know what we are up to! We can’t wait to open up fully again, and will communicate any changes after the 5th April (date of the next government announcement). Hopefully the 12th of April will go ahead as planned, and we have therefore opened our online booking schedule starting on the 12th of April. This means that you can now book your appointments online again. Be quick as we expect it to be busy! You may be aware (or not), that we are still open for people in medical need, i.e., those who are experiencing pain that impacts their functioning, mobility, and work or quality of life. These appointments can only be booked by phone. At the moment, Eva, Anna, Laarni and Kasia are still seeing clients after a risk assessment. We are working much less, but we are trying to put this time to good use. Meanwhile, those who have not yet taken advantage of our Keyworker Fund Package, there is still time to do so. There is one available per person until 30th June. Key Workers Fund’ Package: Three 45min treatments for £99 We are putting out some more of our ‘Key Workers Fund’ packages! 10% of this package will go into a Key Workers Fund, out of which we can provide cheaper treatments for some of the wonderful key workers who have gone through so much over the last year and who certainly deserve a little bit of care for them. This package consists of three 45 minute treatments of your choice, and costs £99 in total. This means you save at least £36! (45min are normally priced at £45 or £50 respectively, so you save £12 or more per treatment). 1 available per person, until 30th June. Click on the button below if you want to purchase this package: Q: What is it? A: The Keyworker Fund Package is Therapy Room specific (although our professional association, the Massage Training Institute, is looking to also start a nationwide initiative). It is set up as a gift voucher on our system. In this case a gift to yourself and to the fund! Q: Who is it for?A: It is for anybody, keyworker or not. It will be used to create a fund to give keyworkers money off their treatments. Q: How can it be claimed?A: To claim from the fund, all a person needs is an nhs email address. This will be on a sliding scale, as keyworkers are in different positions themselves, and self-determined by them, as long as funds are available. Typically, we give £10 to £15 off, but if our fundraising should exceed all expectations, more may be possible. Should any money be left, we will allocate it to people on benefits and those struggling with long term conditions, like long covid, M.E., fibromyalgia, and so on. Q: What about non NHS keyworkers?A: We would love to help everybody, but we are only a small business! We would like to ask those who are keyworkers in other positions or those on really low income to get in touch with and ask them to be put on the list for upcoming, low cost student clinics. Q: Can I book more than one?~A: It is limited to 1 per person. True to covid rules, it can be shared between members of the same household, but needs to be self-managed, so the person in whose name the package is has to book in the other members of their household with their code and email address 🙂 Q: What treatments are available on this package?A: Included in this package are 45 min of– Hot Bamboo – Therapeutic Massage – Deep Tissue Massage – Sports & Remedial Massage – Manual Lymphatic Drainage– These treatments can be mixed and matched. Q : What is not included?A: Hot Stones, Deep Oscillation, Face Massage, Shiatsu, Feldenkrais, Myofascial Release, Hypnotherapy and Hypnomassage are not included in this package. Q: What if I want to support the fund, but not take out a package?A: You can simply buy a voucher through our system, and enter your name and telephone number, but as email address, so we know that the gift voucher is to be allocated to the Keyworkers fund. Q: Is there an expiry date for the use of the code issued with this package?A: As with any of our gift vouchers, the expiry is 18 months from date of purchase (this has been extended massively because of the Covid situation and has also been retrospectively applied to all our gift vouchers). Any money left on a gift voucher after 18 month will be allocated to the Fund.We recommend to keep treatments quite closely together to get the most benefit. Q: Can I get a refund if I cannot use the voucher?A: Gift vouchers are not exchangeable for money. We will allocate any value left on the voucher at the expiry date to the fund. Q: What is the cancellation policy for treatments booked under this package?A: Same as for all our other treatments, there is a 24 hour cancellation period. Should a booked treatment be cancelled or rescheduled less than 24 hours before the start of the treatment, or missed altogether, the treatment will be forfeit. Please let us know if you have any more questions (or suggestions), we are happy to help! Warm wishes,Eva & the Therapy Room Team