Three ancient healing techniques combination

I have always believed that by putting knowledge of different skills together with a combination of different techniques you can achieve the best result. Are you a fan of Shiatsu but would also like a massage with oil once in a while? Would you like to immerse yourself into the melting feeling of a hot stones treatment? Or maybe just want to try something new and unique? Then this may well be for you – you can now have all three treatments in one session! If you know Shiatsu then you know that it stimulates the meridians, energy pathways in the body which are attributed to different organs, emotions and the opposing yet complementing energy forces of Yin and Yang.  In the Shiatsu part, we establish which Yin and Yang points are overexcited or depleted, then accordingly stimulated with hot stones or dispersed with massage and an organic therapeutic massage oil blend. Try this treatment to enhance internal communication on a deep level and improve the flow of energy throughout your body – a gorgeous and unique way to create energy balance! Looking forward to seeing you! Prices: £55 for 60 minutes £63 for 75 minutes