What our clients say about Therapy Room Sheffield

I’d highly recommend Therapy Room Sheffield, lots of places do massage, but the therapists at Therapy Room Sheffield are really experienced and knowledgeable and I totally trust them. Whether it’s for a relaxing and de-stressing massage, or to help rehabilitate from an injury, I’ve found everyone I’ve seen to be effective and reassuring. I wouldn’t go anywhere else, I think it makes a huge difference seeing someone who really knows what they’re doing and the therapists at Therapy Room Sheffield have that knowledge and skill.  – Rob

What our clients say about Eva

I’ve seen Eva for massage a number of times and have been extremely impressed, she’s extremely knowledgeable and experienced and the results have been fantastic. I first visited whilst recovering from a severe back problem and was reassured by the approach and quickly developed trust that Eva would make things better rather than worse. I found the treatments extremely helpful and effective.  – Rob

What our clients say about Marilla

I’ve seen Marilla for massage and Feldenkrais 1:1 movement work, she’s a brilliant masseur, really knowledgeable and experienced and I’ve found her treatments really effective for both de-stressing and rehabilitating injury. I’ve found the Feldenkrais 1:1 sessions both fascinating and really useful and am also attending the group classes which Marilla is now running. I’ve done yoga for a number of years, but find the Feldenkrais approach really refreshing, I’m learning loads about my body and the way I move and noticing real and positive changes in the way I move and the way my body feels. Both the massage and the Feldenkrais have been really helpful in my recovery from quite a severe back problem, and I think the Feldenkrais will help me ensure I don’t end up with the same problem in future. – Rob