Shiatsu is a traditional Japanese physical therapy which uses a combination of pressure points, gentle manipulation and stretching. By applying sensitive, mindful, static touch with thumbs, fingers and palms, Shiatsu affects the functioning of physical systems such as nervous, circulatory and respiratory. Shiatsu supports the body’s innate self-healing abilities and promotes a deep experience of relaxation and well-being. ‘Shiatsu touch, in its stillness, depth and gentle compassion, is able to support the whole person.’ Shiatsu Society UK Watch a video on Shiatsu here SHIATSU is applied fully clothed on a futon mat on the floor, a massage couch or a specifically designed massage chair. We recommend Shiatsu for conditions such as: musculo-skeletal pains/stiffness Arthritis Injuries Fatigue General weakness Dizziness/vertigo Respirator issues Issues with the gastrointestinal system Imbalances of the nervous system Allergies Fertility or menstruation issues Psychosomatic disorders depression What to expect during a Shiatsu treatment Sarah will check in with how you are on the day and see what you are wanting to get out of the session. Wearing loose, comfortable clothing, you will remain fully clothed throughout. You will lie on a comfortable futon mat on the floor and be supported with pillows so that you can relax fully. If you are unable to lie on the floor then a massage table or chair will be used. Commonly, Sarah will start the treatment with a gentle palpation around your abdomen as a diagnostic tool to assess which areas have blockages or weaknesses. The treatment will flow into a combination of pressure on meridian (energy) lines and acupressure points around the body with stretches and gentle manipulation. Sarah will check in with you and ask for feedback on how you are feeling to help tailor the session. You may be given some dietary, exercise or other advice to help support the continued effects of the session. Sarah will advise you on the best course of frequency for further treatments. Academic research (Long 2007) indicates that Shiatsu is safe and can reduce a wide range of symptoms, improving quality of life and reducing dependency on medication. Benefits include… Reducing pain in muscles and joints Improving sleep Reducing stress and tension Improving posture Feeling energy moving or blockages being released Physical and emotional changes Feeling relaxed or calmer Increased energy More able to cope with things More balanced Book an appointment with Sarah Prices: £55 for 60 minutes £82 for 90 minutes

Marma Point Back Massage

This treatment works on the back, shoulders and arms using organic sesame oil or a blended ayurvedic oil.  The muscles and marma points in these areas are massaged and stimulated at varying degrees having a therapeutic effect both locally and distally.  Marma point massage works on balancing energy, can reduce pain, calm the mind, reduce stress, detoxify and also stimulate or rejuvenate. Marma points are vital or sensitive points where it is thought highly concentrated prana or vital energy, flows, these can sometimes get blocked.  Marma points are part of the nervous system and can either pacify or stimulate a dosha, they have a wide range of functions impacting the body and mind.  In ancient Indian times martial art schools used marma or energy points for therapeutic purposes to aid recovery.   60 minutes for £50 90 minutes for £73