Kasia Andrulewicz


SCMT dip, MTI reg., CNHC reg. Massage found me somewhat unexpectedly. I always enjoyed it as a receiver, but never thought that massaging another person would be equally enjoyable. When I did the introductory training with the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (SCMT) I was quite surprised how natural it felt to actually give massage. There was no question but for me to join the advanced training for professional therapeutic massage. Studying with SCMT made it even more evident to me that a good massage brings relief not only to aching muscles and joints, but also eases pain in our hearts and souls, filling them with comfort and peace. For this to happen, the client has to trust that his or her therapist is competent, non-judgemental, honest and respectful of boundaries. The client-centred holistic approach and focus on the therapeutic relationship that was part of my training not only ensures this invaluable build-up of trust but also a massage uniquely adapted to the client’s needs. Each massage session is as different as your needs are on a given day, and the variety of techniques and pressure is chosen according to what you are bringing to the session. I have a special interest in trigger point therapy and myofascial release, and put an emphasis on these areas in my continuous professional development. Regardless of whether you have previously had many massages or none, I would feel very privileged to work with you and be part of your journey to better health and a balanced lifestyle. To make an appointment, please contact us on 07749 224262 or email info@therapyroomsheffield.co.uk. Skills Therapeutic Massage Hot Stones Massage Deep Tissue Massage Myofascial Release Book an appointment with Kasia

Eva Weltermann


SCMTdip.MTI, FHT, MLDuk, CNHC registered What I would like to achieve with my work is, on the one hand to raise the client’s awareness of their own bodies and where they are holding tension, and on the other to provide them with the possibility of relaxing, unwinding, de-knotting mentally and physically. I believe that massage can help to break out of learned postural patterns, and we may do a postural analysis to see  if we can get a better picture of where you are holding your tension. By integrating effective techniques into the massage session, you will get a longer lasting benefit and relief from soft tissue related conditions. Aftercare advice may include advice on self-massage to tackle trigger points and particularly tight areas in between sessions. My fascination with massage began at an early age, when massage was very much part of my childhood in Germany. My other passion are languages, and I hold a degree in Applied Languages and Cultural Studies from a German University. After working for 12 years as a translator, I decided to eventually train in Holistic Therapeutic Massage with the Sheffield Centre for Massage Training (SCMT), which laid the sound foundation for a person-centered, mindful approach to massage. In 2007, I made the switch from translator to massage therapist and have never looked back. Making this fascination my career did, however, only get me more hooked on the subject, and I have since trained in various forms of massage related bodywork. My training includes therapeutic and deep tissue massage (including trigger point techniques), myofascial release, seated acupressure massage, the Dr Vodder method of Manual Lymph Drainage (MLD), and holistic sports & remedial massage. Research and continuous professional training ensure that I am up to date with my knowledge. As a receiver of plenty of massage myself, I know that client comfort is an important prerequisite to be able to fully let go. You can expect hot towels, a highly adjustable table, and of course plenty of cushions for support – not as a luxury, but standard. I started work as an assistant teacher on SCMT massage courses in 2008 and was formally accredited as a massage tutor by the Massage Training Institute at the beginning of 2013, after having completed a teaching qualification (CTLLS). At the Therapy Room, I also deliver workshops on how to look after your lymph-system, facial self-care, safe stretching with muscle energy techniques,  and more. Skills Sports & Remedial Massage Manual Lymph Drainage Deep Tissue Massage Myofascial Release Holistic Facial Therapeutic Massage Hot Stones Massage Seated Acupressure Massage and Indian Head Massage RhythmMobility Book an appointment with Eva

What Our Clients Say About Kasia

“Kasia is an intuitive and skilful practitioner who has a real knack of finding the exact spot where the trouble is located. I need regular massage as I am elderly and also practice craft activities which put strain on my back and shoulders. I would be a poor wreck without my regular massage from Kasia. I have had massage from other therapists but Kasia’s style is unique. She is also very friendly and puts the client at ease, I always feel comfortable with her. In closing I would like to say I bought my son a session as a present and he was delighted too.” Helen Neale

What Our Clients Say About Kasia

“I have been receiving regular massage treatment from the Therapy Room having broken my ankle 6 months ago. From the beginning, Kasia has played a key role in my recovery. Whilst working on my fractured ankle, she has also ensured that my good leg has not suffered from over-compensating. This has helped me to keep balanced and back to enjoying running and cycling as soon as possible. In my busy life, the Therapy Room has provided crucial time-out for body as well as mind.” Leo

What Our Clients Say About Kasia

“I am someone who holds a lot of tension in my shoulders and neck. After my massage with Kasia yesterday, I felt so much better. My shoulders, which can get very hunched, felt like they had returned to their rightful place! I slept very soundly last night. I’d really recommend Kasia to anyone who needs to unwind, release tension, feel more relaxed.” Julia