Sports Massage, Hot Stones and more…

Kasia Andrulewicz offers therapeutic and hot stones massage for those wanting to wind down after a busy week or set themselves up for the weekend.  Kasia has also started an intense training in sports and remedial massage, which will further enrich her practice and benefit her clients. The hot stones come in handy for sports massage too, as the heat increases some healing processes. Please do get in touch if you are a sports person and would like to be a case study at a reduced price. Call us on 07749224262 for more information, or send a message to  

Not feeling quite yourself?

Ever wondered what therapeutic massage could do for you? The benefits to the nervous system in terms of stress relief are quite well known, but there are many other systems of the body which are affected by massage, actually virtually every single one! Regular massage helps the body to rebalance, contributing to a sense of wellbeing, and can help tackle chronic muscular tension and a wide range of stress-related symptoms. In addition to therapeutic massage, we also offer hot stones massage, deep tissue massage, manual lymph drainage and other types of professional massage, please check our treatment page. The curious highland cow here  would certainly like one, but in this case it’s probably just a pat on the head!